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Abayas & Jilbabs

  • Alluring Abstract Jilbab
    347 SAR

    The abstract striped print on this black and poinsetta red jilbab give it an artistic flair. FABRIC: taslon and nylon jersey

  • Blue Skies Jilbab
    269 SAR

    A grey and blue jilbab with an ethereal abstract print on the bodice. FABRIC: taslon and cotton jersey

  • Boldly Black Jilbab
    350 SAR

    An ultra chic black jilbab with cool shiny stripe details at the shoulder and a buckle strap across the front. FABRIC: taslon and slub jersey

  • BumbleBee Beauty Jilbab
    347 SAR

    Contrast paneling in a bright yellow lemon color make this jilbab a fun, friendly feel. FABRIC: taslon and cotton jersey

  • Cloudburst Grey Jilbab
    299 SAR

    This cool grey jilbab with contrast front pockets is perfectly cozy. FABRIC: 30s twill and cotton jersey

  • Colorblock Jilbab
    329 SAR

    The pink and grey contrast panels on this jilbab create a truly of-the-moment colorblock look. FABRIC: 30s cotton twill and melange jersey

  • Drawstring Jilbab
    317 SAR

    A bold stripe print and drawstring accent give this playful jilbab a unique and youthful look. FABRIC: 30s twill and cotton jersey

  • Earth Elements Jilbab
    257 SAR

    A stormy grey and neutral green color jilbab with a distinctly modern print climbing up the skirt. FABRIC: taslon and cotton jersey

  • Gold Dipped Jilbab
    269 SAR

    The gold contrast accents on the collar of this pretty purple jilbab add just the right amount of sparkle. FABRIC: american crepe

  • Grey Panel Jilbab
    287 SAR

    A dark grey jilbab with light grey contrast panels and flattering black accents. FABRIC: melange jersey and american crepe

  • Jumper Style Jilbab
    329 SAR

    Light and dark grey contrast stripes make for the perfect dreamy and modern look on this jilbab. FABRIC: 30s twill and cotton jersey

  • Lightwash Denim Jilbab
    317 SAR

    A light denim jilbab with contrast pockets and a simple drawstring accent. FABRIC: fine denim

  • Maxi-shirt Jilbab
    269 SAR

    A simple dark grey jilbab with a Peter Pan collar and subtle contrast cuffs. FABRIC: american crepe

  • On the Move Jilbab
    359 SAR

    The abstract pattern around the hem of this comfortable, easy wearing jilbab gives it a subtle but modern look. FABRIC: taslon and cotton jersey

  • Origami Games Jilbab
    347 SAR

    A comfy jilbab in cool moon mist grey with cheerful blue-green contrast sleeves and geometric print. FABRIC: polytwill and cotton jersey

  • Pleated Denim Jilbab
    317 SAR

    A soft blue denim jilbab with delicate pleated details along the bodice for a subtle feminine softness. FABRIC: denim

  • Pop of Print Jilbab
    317 SAR

    A jilbab with a subtle pop of pink print in soft antler and rosy pink, made from polytwill and cotton lycra jersey. FABRIC: polytwill & cotton lycra jersey

  • Sage Green Jilbab
    329 SAR

    This over-dyed sage green jilbab with contrast buttons is the perfect look for a cool fragrant day. FABRIC: 30s twill and canvas

  • Sporty Grey Jilbab
    329 SAR

    A super sporty dark grey jilbab with a hood, front pockets, and contrast sea green piping. FABRIC: polytwill and cotton jersey

  • Two Tone Denim Jilbab
    317 SAR

    This dark denim jilbab with contrast denim sleeves has a thoroughly on-trend, stylish look. FABRIC: denim

  • Wild Watermelon
    287 SAR

    A stand out jilbab in grey with bright pink lace print contrast sleeves and lime green accents. FABRIC: taslon and cotton jersey

  • Zip Front Denim Jilbab
    347 SAR

    A hooded denim jilbab with contrast zipper and patterned sleeves for a playful accent. FABRIC: denim

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